Theatre Website To Watch Your Favorite Theatre Musical And Plays

Nowadays many people around the globe are more likely to watch theatre art performance. For them, it brings them back in time. Watching actual live performance is a worth experience. But for those who can’t afford to watch in live performance can now enjoy the theatre experience through watching online stream. Since everything we need is on the internet, it is now possible for the theatre lovers out there to watch their favorite theatre performance online. BroadwayHD and Digital Theatre are the two of the great and legal sites for streaming your favorite theatre performance right off the stage and straight to your homes.
As you visit BroadwayHD and Digital Theatre, you are now updated and able to watch a live performance of your favorite musical or play through online streaming. Here are some of the shows that you can watch on their websites.
1. Sweeney Todd (2001)

A drama that circles around to a barber named Sweeney Todd for his thirst for revenge. Sweeney Todd is one of the more notable Broadway productions as it acquires different award and has movie adaptation as well.

2. Hamlet (2015)
A famous literary work of William Shakespeare, which is the theme of the play, is focused on revenge, morality, and justice. You can watch Hamlet online and available in BroadwayHD.

3. Thom Pain (2016)

Thom Pain is a menacingly humorous one-man show that depicts the tragic and funny life of the main character named Thom. Thom Pain is an 80-minute monologue and available to watch online in BroadwayHD.

4. Liberty Equality Fraternity (2013)

Played in Australian National Theatre Live a comedy play that follows a young mother who is used to be interrogated by the intelligence services which is available to watch in Digital Theatre.
There you have it. As you visit the mentioned theatre website, you can now enjoy and have a free access to the latest theatre performance, musical and play. You and the theatre fans out there will surely enjoy watching their favorite theatre play even in their home thanks to online theatre websites available today.